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Use Our Screening Process to make sure you qualify for tenancy.

Pre-screen before you submit an online application

We provide this screening page as a convenience for our customers. You can determine if you will qualify for a property in just a few minutes by using the question/answer process below. This pre-screening makes the leasing process faster and easier for you since, for most applicants, there is no need to call or visit the management office just to verify that you will be approved. Our pre-screening process uses an algorithm that is similar to our screening partners like National Tenant Network and The big difference is that our pre-screening is fee free.

Our policy requires that all occupants 18 and over submit an application. So make sure you pre-screen all people 18 and over that you expect will reside in your selected property.

Pre-screening Fast Track

By using our pre-screening page you can determine if, and under what circumstances, you will have a high degree of success in securing a property. You may require a co-signer, additional security deposit, or may require funds to pre-pay some (or all) of the rent. This page will alert you to what conditions, if any, you will need to satisfy to qualify before lease signing and move-in.

Conditions where we can't rent to you

Our rental process starts with a rental prospect, what we call an applicant, completing a tenant Application. In completing the application, we will ask a series of questions relating to applicant's past tenancy, ability to pay rent, etc. When any of the following conditions are met, we will deny your application:

The applicant under 18 years old and not legally emancipated per NC general statutes and recognized by NC courts
The applicant is classified as a habitual felon per North Carolina General Statutes
The applicant is registered with or required to register with any Sex Offender Registry or Violent Offender Registry
The applicant will be identified in any federally registered list pertaining to any terror watch, OFAC, Patriot Act, etc.
The applicant has willfully or intentionally refused to pay rent when due
The applicant lacks identity verification (e.g. photo ID, social security card, homeland security ID, DHS document, etc.)
The applicant supplied information on the application that is incorrect of misleading to the landlord (e.g. not disclosing prior eviction or criminal history)

Conditions where we will not rent to you based on our policies

In the last 10 years, the applicant has been served an eviction notice or been asked to vacate a property where applicant was renting
The applicant has a pending non-traffic related charge or the applicant has non-traffic related criminal charge or has a criminal record that occurred within the last 3 years and not been dismissed or expunged
In the last 5 years, the applicant has a criminal record (excluding some civil offenses, like traffic tickets, speeding charges, but including all other charges relating to property crime, felonies, and misdemeanors)
In the last 10 years, the applicant has a criminal charge relating to any property crime or any personal crime
The applicant has a criminal charge relating to any violent crime (assault, any Crimes Resulting In Death, Domestic Violence, Sexual Crimes, Threats of Personal Injury, any Vehicular Crimes)

Requirements for residence, job history, and income

Generally, we require that monthly income must equal approximately three (3) times monthly rent. Our policies allow for several exceptions to this general rule. For some examples, income policy is relaxed for student applicants receiving grants and financial assistance, applicants with a qualified co-signer, and/or third party direct payor (for example a qualified custodial payor, etc.) We also can make some exceptions for applicants who have been employed in their primary current position for more than 12 months, have a history of stable residency, can provide additional funds for prepaid rent, and/or applicants who can pay additional deposit.

Acceptable sources of income verification include tax returns, bank accounts and/or bank statements, the two latest pay check stubs/receipts, and/or employer confirmation. Unemployed and self-employed applicants will also need to provide a form of verifiable income source.

Roommates and co-signer are jointly and severable (individually) liable for all amounts due.

Summary of conditions and documents you need prior to lease signing

  • a submitted application with all information provided
  • income verification (see list above)
  • picture ID (e.g. a drivers license) for applicant, occupants, and co-signer
  • Co-signer agreement and Co-Signer Addendum
  • Co-signers must pay a $40 application fee prior to processing of rental application
  • Funds provided at lease signing must be in the form of a money order or cashier's check